I just want to thank you for making a product that helped save my life!! 4/15/2010 I had a car pull out in front of me and I t-boned it, hitting the windshield with my face and head, and being thrown 25 feet or so. I tore the ligaments in my right shoulder, broke all my right ribs with the 7th rib needing cut 2 inches and a plate installed, shattered my right hip ( 2 plates) and destroyed my right knee. I had very fine facial fractures of my orbital sockets sinus cavities but no major trauma to my face or neck.

6 weeks in the hospital / nursing home and 4 surgeries later I still have no issues with my head or neck. I am finally walking with assistance with a cane.

I guess what I am trying to say is Thank You, Thank You, Thank You for making such a great product. My motorcycle was destroyed but the helmet just has deep scratches. The face shield was not so lucky! I still have the helmet hanging in my garage as a reminder of how lucky I was.

Thanks again for helping to save my life;


I recently purchased one of your helmets. In fact my wife made the order and ordered two matching black/silver and gold trim 3/4 helmets that match the paint scheme of our 2002 Triumph Bonneville America. I am very pleased with the style, fit and color. I wore the helmet the first time and was involved in an accident where I collided with a car that stopped in my path. I was ejected off my bike and over the car. The helmet worked as advertised and I was spared serious or fatal head injuries. I am ordering a new helmet to replace it and look forward to replacing the Triumph as well. I appreciate your research and development of such a good product. I just wish that it could be manufactured here in the United States rather than China. I recommend your helmets without hesitation.


-Don A

Dear Z1R,

“I just got my motorcycle permit at the tender age of 46. Here in Pennsylvania we have a beginner’s motorcycle safety course that gives me my license at the completion. A helmet is required for all permit riders so I began to look around. Tonight I purchased a Phantom Purgatory. I was stoked when I saw the styling but figured it wouldn’t be in my price range. Just wanted to say I appreciate you putting a stylish quality helmet out there for a reasonable price. Look forward to getting on the road.”

Thanks again,

-Bill R.

“Well I wore the UP300 special Nemesis today for the first time and I am glad to report. TWO THUMBS UP!!

Best features for me:

  • Does not move around – stays were you need it to stay
  • Ample room for goggles…I hate having the helmet push goggles into my nose, which causes breathing problems.
  • Light weight
  • Chin strap stays in position & doesn’t choke…another air restriction problem
  • Smart styling…matches my KTM colors
  • Cooling…seems very well designed for flow thru ventilation.

I will wear my second, different color, Nemesis at the Colorado RM400 ride with great pride. What a great helmet for the price!! You can quote me on that!”

-Ron B.